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Python's New Package Landscape


PyPI 2.0 has replaced the original PyPI, but it is only one change in a larger, shifting landscape. New PEPs are being authored to help Python developers better manage their dependencies, and a host of new packaging tools are being created for libraries or applications alike. Come find out about these changes, as well as how you may wish to update the structure of your Python projects.

Django Views: Functions, Classes, and Generics


At the heart of Django is the HTTP Request and Response cycle, powered by URL patterns and views that you must create. But what kind of view should you use? A view function? A class-based view? A generic class-based view? This talk is all about the essence of views, and will explore the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each type of view, finishing with a guide of when to use what.

Given at DjangoCon US 2015

Upgrading Django (to 1.7)


Want to learn about Django 1.7 and how to upgrade Django? Are you unclear on what the numbers 1.7 mean or how Django rolls out new versions? Find upgrading daunting? Want to better keep up with changes being made in Django? This talk is for you.

Given at DjangoCon US 2014

Overcoming Troubles with Class-Based Views


This talk will introduce both Class-based Views (CBV) and Class-based Generic Views (CBGV), before moving into how to customize CBGV, focusing in particular on data generation at the view and form level. The talk will further involve the source code for CBGV, Validation, and Python's Method Resolution Order.

Given at DjangoCon US 2013